construction of 2 semi-detached houses

construction of 2 semi-detached houses

The plot is located below a small tarred road.

The construction takes place in the spaces reserved by the district plan, and makes the most of the available space.

Prior to construction, a water supply pipe from the city of Lausanne had to be diverted, causing major earthworks.

The excavations created for the construction of the villas had to be secured by special works (nailed concrete walls).

The two twin villas are separated by a common technical room which provides heating and networks for the two constructions. Central heating is provided by a pellet boiler.

Even if the volumes of the two villas are similar, the treatments of the facades of the two constructions differ (wood facing for one villa and smooth plaster coating for the other) according to the wishes of differentiation and preferences of the owners.

Three different owners share the living spaces divided into 4 apartments (triplex), which are managed in PPE (divided ownership). Each property has a private garden, and a large dominant view of the lake and the Alps.



total living space

518 m²

number of apartments