renovation and transformation of an appartement

complete renovation of an apartment

This interior transformation allowed the new owners to modify the apartment and adapt it to their image and their use.

The rooms have been remodeled, some partitions have been moved. The parents’ sleeping area has been treated as a separate unit, relocating the bathroom (to which a shower has been added), and creating a large dressing room naturally lit by a skylight.

The large living space comprising the kitchen, the dining area and the living room has not been divided by partitions, making it possible to read the entire space in a series of useful functions for the apartment.

These different functions are marked by low furniture, which was created especially for this apartment. Some niches of this furniture use the finishes of the resin walls applied with the trowel, to create a unity of surfaces throughout the apartment.

Air conditioning has been integrated into the bedroom walls, and the kitchen open to the living room has been completely redesigned and refurbished.

A modern water vapor fireplace has been created in the living room.



living space

214 m²