renovation of an old farm

renovation of an old farm outside the construction area

The farm is located in an off-building area. The project must have been the subject of negotiations with the territorial development department of the canton of Vaud.

All existing living space could be recovered, and a bonus could be added for the transformation of the old garage into living space, in accordance with cantonal regulations.

Two apartments have been created: one in the main volume of the existing triplex construction (5.5 rooms), and one in the duplex annexes (3.5 rooms). Each apartment has a separate entrance and access to a private garden.

The living areas are on one level with large outdoor terraces, facing south.

Heating is provided by a heat pump with geotermic probes, and thermal solar panels have been installed on the new roof. The insulation of the building has been redesigned to make this renovation an energy efficient building.



living space

305 m²

number of apartments