project – construction of a private house - Châtel-St-Denis

construction of a hillside detached villa - Châtel-Saint-Denis

The project takes place in a newer area of town with mostly detached family villas.
The parcel is located on a hillside, facing east.
The villa stands against a retaining wall to the west. It is oriented perpendicular to the contour lines, and includes a garden to the south which is accessible from the living room.
The surrounding grounds were improved into terraces to make the most of the outdoor surfaces.

During the excavation, a drain waste water catchment and a spring were installed upstream of the retaining wall to retrieve and store water in the tank.
The 3000L tank was buried under the ground, which allows for outdoor watering to be self-sufficient.

Living area: 276 m2
SIA cubic meters: 1530 m3