renovation of a private house

complete renovation and transformation of a 2-unit villa

The villa included 2 accommodation (a 4.5-room apartment, and a 2.5-room apartment) which had been created in the 80s.

The project provides for the clear division of these 2 apartments, and the separation of the networks which supply it, so that the owners can rent these 2 apartments independently.

The bathrooms have been completely renovated. The kitchen of the large accommodation has been refurbished, opening it onto the living room. The fireplace has been replaced by a modern fireplace, and the heating network has been refurbished (radiators). The gas boiler was kept, but the gas introduction had to be moved, and redone.

The kitchen in the small apartment was dismantled for the repair and waterproofing of the floor, and was reassembled identically.

The garden has been redesigned, and the parking spaces in front of the building have been renovated.




private owner

living space

196 m²



number of apartments