competition for the extension of a school

competition for the extension of a school

The existing building of the school and its playground which is located on the edge of the city provides broad prospects on the surrounding environment. In light of such considerations, the project proposes an extension to the south. This new orientation to the south allows for a better connection between the school and the city.
The expansion extends the existing building, within the limitations of construction that give it a new shape facing parallel to Misets Road. This new construction allows for the integration of the building in the urban tissue.

The building takes advantage of existing constructions, replacing the existing facades of precast concrete modules.
Particular attention was paid to the acceleration of the work phase, in order to limit disruption to the school schedule.

The energy concept was developed with a thermal engineer and meets the high demands of insulation, ventilation and solar shading.


2nd round
In collaboration with Raphael Dessimoz architect, Lausanne
images: J.-L. Vaucher



useful surface

5 075 m²

SIA volume

28 950 m³